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How to setup Tasker with Unified Remote.

This guide will show you how to create a Tasker task that tells Spotify to start playing when you enter a certain GPS location.

1) We start by opening Tasker in the task view.
2) Click the plus button and you will get this view.
3) Enter a name for the task.
4) Now that we have a task, we will add an action to it.
5) Select the Net category on the category selection page.
6) Select the Browse action.
7) Now we need a URL. We will find that in Unified Remote.
8) In Unified Remote press the share button and you will see this view. You find the share button when you open a remote in the action bar.
9) Select the remote and action that contains the command you wish to run with Tasker.
10) Copy the URL at the buttom of the page.
11) Paste the URL in the box and press the OK button. Your task is now done.
12) Time to create a Profile and configure when this task should be activated.
13) Press the plus button.
14) Enter the name of the profile.
15) Now choose in what context the action should be activated. I will choose Location. But you could use something different.
16) If you use the location context you will get a map view. Find the area you like the task should be activated in.
17) Now just select the task you like to associate the context with.
18) Press the accept button and you are done. Just make sure that the toggle button in the lower right corner is set to on.

We hope you got everything to work. If not, please create a support ticket at and we will do our best to help. If you made something cool with Tasker and Unified Remote please share on our facebook page.

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