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Because there have been some confusion about which Bluetooth devices work with Unified Remote we decided to order a bunch of them and perform our own tests. The testing was performed on a Clean Windows 7 x64 computer that did not have any built-in Bluetooth. All of the Bluetooth devices we bought are listed below. We have a link to a Swedish electronic store but you should be able to find the same devices in your local store or on Ebay/Amazon.

Name ID Store Works in Unified Remote (without drivers) Works in Unified Remote (with drivers) Easy to Install Size Comments Supported OS
ASUS USB-BT211 Mini Bluetooth Dongle USB-BT211 No Yes No Small Is not able to find any drivers without cd xp-w7
DELTACO NANO BLUETOOTH ADAPTER V2.0 KLASS2 (10M) BT-105 Yes No No Small Needed Restart of computer to work xp-w7
BLUETOOTH ADAPTER V2.0+EDR USB 2.0 KLASS1 (100M) BT-108 Yes No No Large Needed Restart of computer to work xp-w7
BELKIN BLUETOOTH V2.1 + EDR CLASS 2 (10M) 3MBPS F8T016NE Yes Yes Yes Small xp-w7
BELKIN BLUETOOTH V2.1 + EDR CLASS 1 (100M) 3MBPS F8T017NE Yes Yes Yes Large wp-w7
TARGUS USB BLUETOOTH ADAPTER 100M ACB20EU Yes Yes Yes Small Blue LED, Need Widcomm to be installed in Unfied Remote Server xp-w7
KENSINGTON BLUETOOTH V2.0 USB MICRO ADAPTER KLASS 2 33902EU Yes No Yes Small Do not install any software xp-w7


All testing was performed on a clean installation of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. First, every device was plugged into the computer and allowed to download and install drivers from Windows Update. No other driver was installed. The phone was then paired with the computer and a connection with Unified Remote was tested.

After all Bluetooth devices were tested this way the drivers and software that was delivered with the Bluetooth device was installed. Then pairing and connecting with Unified Remote was repeated. The installed software was uninstalled between every test.


Most Bluetooth devices work when no extra software installed and that's what we recommend. If your connection does not work try to uninstall everything that could affect Bluetooth from your computer. If you uninstall all 3rd party Bluetooth drivers you will force the Bluetooth adapter to use the Windows Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. This should work for most devices. Also, make sure you don't have multiple 3rd party Bluetooth stacks installed.

For more information regarding Bluetooth compatibility with Unified Remote, please visit the 32feet.NET project website:

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